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It is meant to trace lineages and history of members belonging to the family of Algebra Forum. The pursuit of family history tends to be shaped by several motivations, including the desire to carve out a place for one’s family in the larger historical picture, a sense of responsibility to preserve the past for future generations, and a sense of self-satisfaction in accurate storytelling.

Prof. Qaiser Mushtaq



1. Farhana Shaheen

Muhammad Iqbal
2. M.Sarwar Kamran

Khalid Mehmood
3. Qamar Iqbal

Asif Ali
4. Tariq Maqsood

Nazir Ahmad Zafar
5. Muhammad Aslam

Sadaf Baig
6. Mohammad Ashiq

Saima Mustafa
7. Madad Khan

M.Sarwar Saeed
8. Saima Anis


9. Shehla Asif

Saima Riaz

10. Nasir Siddiqui

Munir Ahmed

11. Nasir Sohail

Ambreen Bano


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